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the way I feel -_-

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I’m so thankful for getting 1000+ followers, so I decided to do a little giveaway for my lovely followers :)) This will be a smaller giveaway which will only be 2NE1 (future giveaways will be more uwu). If you have any question about anything, please feel free to ask.


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 Good luck to you all ◡‿◡✿

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<3 TLC <3

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Ever wonder why You were even Born…? Yeah Me Too.

Im sick of people being quick to brag about what they’ve got, when they know I’ve got fuck all.
I’m sick of my friends who forget about me unless they need something, and the rest of the time.. never even bother to message me to see if I’m even fucking alive.
I actually wonder how my Close Friends would react if something happenned and I died . I bet no one would care, no one would shed a tear, if I was in a huge accident and ended up in a critical condition in hospital, I bet no one would visit me, no one would stand by my mum and comfort her…
My family certainty don’t care, there much too busy stabbing each other in the back constantly…
There once was a time I had a Best Friend I could talk to, I haven’t spoken to my ‘Best Friend’ in over 3months.. guess she doesn’t have time for me nowadays…
Saying that, my nowadays are filled with being told how much of a failure iam, endless threats because its seen that I’m ‘Arguing’ when really I’m standing up for myself when I’m being told that I should change this and that about myself, maybe then people would like me….I’ve never had to change myself for anyone & I don’t agree with doing so, people should like you for you, you should change what you want, when you want and for your own preference. And please tell me Mother how I’m surpose to change the things I wear without the money to do so..?!! I don’t know what I’ve done, or what I’ve said to push everyone in my life away from me.. I miss everyone, and the sad thing is that, it doesn’t seem like anyone misses me….

(sorry its a rant about my small and pathetic life, but I needed to get it off my chest & I don’t have the balls to post this on Facebook for everyone that its made for to see). -Tanya…

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Fucking Hell Yes !

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